Gogoro Smartscooter #wishlist

Gogoro Smartscooter #wishlist

Ist schon ein schickes Teil dieser Gogoro Smartscooter. Hier mal ein paar Details:

  • The Gogoro G1 Motor – Power-packed and ultra-compact, the G1 Motor redefines what’s possible in electric motor design. Every component is precision-engineered to ensure the entire system works smarter, stays cooler and goes further in the most efficient way possible.
  • Aeroframe – Ultra lightweight and incredibly strong, Gogoro’s Aeroframe monocoque chassis is stamped out of racing grade aluminum that makes it stiffer, stronger, lighter and more responsive.
  • Race Suspension – The Smartscooter delivers an amazingly smooth and responsive ride even in dynamic conditions at speed. This performance stability comes from Gogoro’s high-performance suspension that is inspired by jet-fighter landing gear in the front and multi-link suspension in the back.
  • Balance and Agility – Designed with the rider in mind, the Smartscooter reaches perfect 50/50 balance when the rider sits and becomes an integrated extension of the Smartscooter. This amazing balance and agility enable greater stability, a tight 48.5° lean angle and ultimately a more enjoyable riding experience.

Liest sich alles ganz gut. Der Preis ab 128.000 New Taiwan Dollar ist auch ganz ok, finde ich.

Mal schauen, ob der Gogoro Smartscooter jemals in Deutschland aufschlagen wird.

Ab auf die #wishlist und rinjehaun 😉

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