A Day In: Los Angeles (Video)

Here is a 2-minute short film created throughout a day in Los Angeles. With nothing but our cameras, we dashed around the city going to as many landmarks as possible. Having lived in Los Angeles for a number of years now, we wanted to show everyone that it’s not all about traffic and smog. – Los Angeles truly is a beautiful city. In the age of short attention spans we want to share our love for L.A with our generation. Enjoy.

Fernweh, Hunger … was ein shice Video. Rinjehaun 😉

(via whudat.de)

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...aka Björn Koblow. Ick bin ein Berliner, mal wieder. Ehrenamtlicher Beta-Tester und Internetzbefüller. Ich schreibe hier über alles und nichts. #ehemann #vater #42 #tasskaff #prooost #berlin #friedenau #damals™ #

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